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In the world, more than 1.7 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and close to 50 Thousand Apps added every month. With Android emerging as market leaders in mobile platform, it becomes necessary to have your App in Android more than iOS. The hardware which runs Android are also available in wide ranges which makes them a most viable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business.

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mobile application development companies-chennai-top iOs-mobile application development company-chennai

Android is a preferred platform for major business houses because of the availability of cheap devices and the easy way to push apps into devices. Many restaurants, retails outlets, factories, warehouses, hospitals etc.. have started using android apps for their internal applications.

As Alphabet Technologies (, we have an excellent Android development team combined with a creative UI team which understands the way mobile apps are designed and developed these days. We also have a technical head who is in charge of technology and analyzing the latest trends in app world. Since we are an application development company we have web service experts who assists our mobile developers in setting up web service to apps which require data to be fetched and stored remotely. This technology is helpful when integrating with existing web applications and when handling with huge data. Any web application can be integrated into mobile apps using web service.

An insight of Android:

The Android platform is the product led by Google and developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of many software, hardware and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing standards for mobile devices. There are a large community of developers writing applications in customized versions of Java that extend the functionality of the devices. Google play, formerly known as Android market is the online store from where Android applications are browsed and downloaded using their respective device ‘Market’. Initially, they deployment target was the mobile phone arena while its full potential extends beyond just that.

Publishing to Google Play

The platform to publicise, sell and distribute Android applications to users around the world is Google Play. This is done in simple steps – Register, configure, upload and publish. The Google play Android developer Console is the interface to configure and publish once the developer registration process is complete. The publishing process involves the following tasks.

  • Configure the application for release and build it in release mode. This signs the application with private release key without which the application cannot be published on Google Play.
  • Leveraging the marketing and publicity capabilities of Google Play requires the users to create several graphical assets. Two screenshots of the application and a high resolution icon must be provided at the minimum.
  • Configuring various publishing options and listing details for the application is next in the line. Countries the user wants to reach, languages the user wants to publish in, price to be charged in each country, application type, category and content writing are a part of this. Once this is done, upload the assets and application onto Google Play.
  • Click Publish in the developer console to make the application available to the world after getting satisfied with the configured publishing settings.

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Android App Development

Benefit from the potentials of the Operating System which runs on several smartphones globally. The traits of your Android app is boosted. Android App Developers in Chennai, having expertise in Mobile Application Development, Web based Mobile Apps, Browser based Mobile Application

Amazing UI

An important constituent of an Android app is its user interface. Our Android App development team designs the most captivating User Interface which is bound to amaze and enthrall the users. Any Android app must be very much simple to master. We constitute some of the most well experienced and reliable UX designers to ascertain that your Android app enchants your users with the best experience.

Based as of the third quarter of 2017, Android Operating System has been infused in over 88 % of mobile devices globally. The demand and dominance of the Android OS in the South Asian and African nations is unparalleled. The OS accounts for nearly the total of the market share from India

Provided you are in the quest to identify the best Android App development agency to design your proposed Android app, your quest ends here with us !

Android App Development Chennai – Alphabet Technologies

Captivating Android Apps

We are devoted to developing stunning Android apps. Irrespective of opting between Google’s design principles or your own design templates, the Android app developed will be very much astounding and captivating.

Android Apps which are fine tuned for operation

The Android apps which we design are very much enchanting to use and are very fast and they consume less data and battery power. Our apps are refined and fine-tuned to be of top-notch standards and ultimately we want to provide the best for you!